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Female Overactive Bladder (OAB)

Female Overactive Bladder Clinical Research Trial
According to the Urology Care Foundation, Overactive Bladder (OAB) is the name of a group of urinary symptoms. Common symptoms of OAB include the following:

  • A sudden urge to pee that you can’t control. This “gotta-go” feeling makes you fear you will leak urine if you don’t get to a bathroom right away.
  • Leak when you sneeze or laugh.
  • Use the bathroom at least 8 times per day.
  • Wake up more than 1 time during the night to pee.  

Our urologists invite you to participate in a free clinical research trial, using an investigational medication for overactive bladder.

Dr. Charles White is the lead study doctor.  Dr. White is board-certified in urology and has been practicing medicine since 1991. Dr. Harbour Stephens and Dr. Matthew McIntyre also see patients for our urology studies. 

Qualified participants will receive:
  • Study-related care at no cost
  • Paid for time and travel
  • Insurance is not required
To learn more information and see if you qualify, contact us today!
Call: 251-414-1984
Text: 251-644-2694

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Once you have completed our online survey, one of our patient specialists will be in touch to discuss the study details. Your medical information is kept confidential; see our privacy policy link for more information. Check back to our website frequently to see new studies recently awarded!

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